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Some capabilities of the ResLife Portal system can be configurable to adapt to how your institution operates. For example, the terminology of staff member roles can be configured to align with the specific terminology used at your institution. Additionally the names of programming categories from your institution's programming model can be configured. See the features page for more details.


Customized modules and features can be built on-top of our ResLife Portal system to match the specific needs of your residential life staff. ResLife Portal is a flexible modular system which provides us the ability to produce the right combination of modules for your institution.

If you are interested in a customized solution:
Please contact us to discuss with our consulting team details for building a customized solution for your institution.

Custom Visual Theming

Our designers can add a custom theme to the ResLife Portal, including your institution's logo/emblem and colors.

Custom Theme for Page Banner Only $95
Custom Theme for Page Banner & Signin Page $145
Custom Theme for Page Banner, Signin Page, & branded color scheme $215

Examples of Custom Theming


We recognize that different training needs exist for every institution, therefore our team is ready to meet the distinct needs and preferences for your institution. This results in a personalized training content for your residential life. On-site and real-time web-based training options are available upon request.

Please contact us to discuss training options for your institution.


Our consultants can visit with the key stakeholders of your institution. From conducting interviews to small focus groups, we can meet with members of all levels of your residential life staff to gather input. Through this process we will help develop a roadmap of aligning the system with the processes of your institution.

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